Thursday, 21 September 2017

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary... does your garden grow...
 ...with silver bells...
 ...and cockle shells...
 ...and pretty maids all in a row...

This old nursery rhyme inspired Alan Dart to create one of the designs in a booklet of patterns,  Nursery Rhyme Mice, which was distributed with a Simply Knitting magazine years ago.

I decided to make Mary towards the end of last year and really enjoyed knitting the different parts of the pattern on a pair of little wooden needles but I put off sewing it all together at the time (a reoccurring stumbling block of mine).

So Mary has been hibernating until recently when I half-heartedly assembled most of the pieces together. I guess I just lost interest in this one so I'm going to move on to other projects that captivate me more.

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Sunny Bunny (Part Two)

Last week I posted pictures of the first bunny that I made with Sarah Youde's pattern called Sunny Bunny and here I am again with another one.

This bunny was made on 2.75 mm needles and double knitting weight yarn and like the previous one it was so tighly knitted that the stuffing didn't show through at all.

This time I followed the tights and shoes version of the pattern but I still made the legs smaller and a bit longer than instructed. Although a bit fiddly I used a pin hole cast on to make them bottom up and get rid of the gap that I didn't like underneath the foot.

The main reason why I made another rabbit was because I wanted to try knitting a stranded dress inside out and in the round, all part of my efforts to eventually tackle Fair Isle. My small circular needle was a bit big but I managed to make the whole of the patterned part on it before I switched to straight needles for the top of the dress.

I didn't notice to begin with that the pattern didn't match up correctly when finishing one round and starting another and I've since learnt that I should have used the jogless jog technique so that's something new to have a go at in the future.

I made up the dress pattern and needed seventeen pattern repeats to go all the way around; four pattern repeats are shown in the picture.

I think I'm ready to have a go at something other than bunnies now and have looked for patterns but not found anything I really want to make just yet. What I'd really love is a good book so I'll have to keep an eye out.

Thursday, 7 September 2017

Sunny Bunny (Part One)

I wasn't going to make a bunny, I had absolutely no intention at all but a pattern popped up and caught my eye. I thought that I could use it to practise knitting fiddly bits in the round so that no sewing up would be required later. It worked too.

The pattern, Sunny Bunny by Sarah Youde, is freely available on Ravelry. I made mine with an Aran yarn using 3.5 mm needles so that it's so tightly knitted that the stuffing doesn't show through at all and the ears stand upright all by themselves.

I decided to alter the legs and feet because I didn't want them to be as big as the pattern intended. So I set off knitting top down rather than bottom up and created my own problem with M1 stitch holes which I solved by adding bows to cover them up.

I borrowed the dress from my recently made-over Little Cotton Rabbit as the colour matches this bunny perfectly.

Sunny bunny is a big hit with me and as you can probably tell from the title of this post it isn't the only bunny that I've been working on recently. More to follow another time.

Friday, 1 September 2017

His 'n' Hers Hangers

Over on the My Rose Valley blog there's a great photo tutorial for a pattern to cover wooden coat hangers (Vintage Crochet Hanger by Annette MB Ciccarelli).

These hangers can be made with small amounts of leftover yarn in lots of different colours making them suitable for the whole family.

I remember buying some wooden hangers like these years ago so I dug them out and had a go.

Before I knew it I'd made four of them with a 3mm hook in DROPS Safran cotton, using about 100g in total.

It crossed my mind that I could make hangers like these as gifts for somebody else in their favourite colours or even the colours of his/her favourite football team.

If you'd like a quick and easy project why not give them a go?

Friday, 18 August 2017

Garden Party

During settled spells of warmer weather it's lovely to be able to eat and entertain in the garden but the down side is that it brings out armies of bugs. With this in mind when I came across this sweet pattern I just had to give it a go.

The design, Square Jug/Bowl Cover Pattern by Megan Mills, is free on Ravelry and I used pastel coloured Creation Station Pony Beads to weigh it down around the edge.

I love the finished result - it wouldn't look out of place covering a cake stand or sugar bowl at one of the Queen's Garden Parties, would it?