Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Testing...VERY testing

I've been driving myself to the point of exasperation over the past few days trying to decipher all the scribbled notes and drawings that I made along the way as I created my Strawberries in Spring blanket. I've just about managed to work out exactly how I created the squares but putting it down on paper isn't easy. 

Initially I tried to chart the square because my brain can instantly see what I need to do without the clutter of words. It soon became clear though that trying to chart this square isn't easy so ironically I've resorted to words instead. I've taken photos of each stage as well to accompany them and I'm now trying to pull it all together in a coherent document. 

I've just about completed a first draft of the step by step instructions but I cannot face going over it all again so I've distracted myself with the sample square and thinking about these new colours. They are seriously tempting me to pick up my hook but grape would tone in better than the central colour and I don't have any here, so for the time being I'll have to get back to testing that very testing pattern.

Sample square made with
Stylecraft Special double knitting yarn in
Plum (grape would tone in better), Soft Peach, Pale Rose,
Soft Peach, Duck Egg, Clematis and Silver

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Loves me...loves me not...

February brings Valentine's Day and already the shops are full of hearts and flowers.

I found a lovely quick pattern on Ravelry called Heart by Viktoriya Isakina for a hanging crocheted heart and I've made several of them using DROPS Safran.

The flower in the middle reminds me of daisies and the 'loves me...loves me not...' game that I used to play as a child as I picked the petals off one by one.

These crafty daisy hearts are a great size to enclose with a card as a way of sending love to someone with  birthday (or whatever the occasion is) wishes.

Just make sure though that you add a large letter stamp to the envelope to allow for the thickness.

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

My First Hat

Earlier this month I was searching through the patterns on Ravelry for something different to make.

I came across all sorts of lovely things and ended up having a go at crocheting a hat.

The pattern that I used is called the Easy V-stitch Hat by Si Nanay Madel and it was really easy and fairly quick to make. It's also free too.

I love the speckled pom pom which sits on the top.

I chose to use up some old bits of James C Brett Aran, alternating the colours just like the hat in the original design.

It could also be made in one colour only or a different colour for each row so there are lots of possibilities for this pattern.

Saturday, 7 January 2017

Strawberries in Spring

At last I've finished my first blanket entirely dreamt up by me.

It started last Spring when I wanted to create something akin to blossom and I doodled in crochet until I came up with a flower.

Then I added some greenery and sky which I posted about here before agonising over what colour to use to join everything together with.

I eventually decided to use white as a nod to the fluffy white clouds which grace our skies if we're lucky enough to have a sunny day.

After joining the squares with a braided join,...

...I added five rounds of granny stitch around the whole blanket,...

...then I added a simple border and decided that the blanket was done.

When I stood back to admire the end result I couldn't think of a name for it.

The colours reminded me of the dessert known as Strawberry Delight and the name has morphed in to Strawberries in Spring.

It has occurred to me that I ought to write the pattern up or at least chart the square.

So that's my plan, if I can remember exactly what I did.

I've got rough notes somewhere so I'll dig them out on a rainy day in the not too distant future and see if they make any sense to me.

In the meantime I've taken way too many pictures to 'show it off'.

After all, it's not every day that you create your very own blanket.

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Garland of Flowers

Well here we are in yet another new year, hopefully one which will be filled with lots of crafty time and colour. 

To start the year off here's a Nicki Trench vintage-style vase coaster, the pattern for which can be found in Cute & Easy Crochet with Flowers (I got my book from WHSmith, not via the link).

I used DROPS Safran for the first time (yellow, peach, white, lime and medium pink) and I love how soft and silky it is as well as the finish it gives to the appearance of my crochet. Being thicker than the fine cotton which is normally used to make traditional doilies, this mat has a more modern look, a bit less grannified.

The pattern was easy to follow, although I did have to sleep on the outer round for the penny to drop on how to make it work. I was full of the lurgy when I first tried 'to get it' and when I felt a bit more with it the next morning it came to me, 'ah I wonder if'...

...and yes it worked as the garland of flowers grew around the outer edge.

Here's to a happy and crafty 2017.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

A Lapghan for Rudolf

Although I've got various things on the go at the moment I decided that I wanted to make something simple whilst preparing for Christmas. There's always so much to cram in to December so a little project to pick up here and there would fit in well I thought. In a way my head was still stuck in Autumn when I looked through some odd bits of yarn and this might have influenced my decision to pick out the red, brown, grey and cream colours which I cobbled together into 35 granny squares. Once I'd slip stitch joined the squares together the overall look of the colours which I'd used reminded me of Rudolf so I decided to add a red nose in the form of a pom pom to each corner of the blanket.

It's amazing where you can find inspiration.

Monday, 12 December 2016

Pea Soup for Breakfast

It was a pea souper this morning when I woke up, well strictly speaking it was just very, very foggy as pea soupers don't really occur in our modern day, nor in the countryside.

By the time I'd got myself sorted and ventured outside the fog had cleared considerably in places so I went in search of the horses fields as I haven't been there for quite a while.

Along the way I noticed how some Autumn leaves are still clinging to the odd tree including this Oak. Leaves fluttered down from the branches for the whole time I stopped to take pictures.

When I got to the first horse field I didn't think that there were any there until a head popped around the hedgerow.

The fog was still lingering and the sun was trying to pop through, not particularly successfully, as I realised that there were two horses happily munching away on their hay.

I carried on down the road to the next field and was met by lots more horses.

They were all facing the same direction...

...each and every one of them.

I naively thought that it was just a coincidence at first.

Then it dawned on me as they all pricked up their ears at the same time that they'd heard something, something which was very familiar to them.

A lady appeared further down the road and I knew then what they were all waiting for, mum of course who was on her way to feed them breakfast.